Silicone Finger Implant

The Silicone implants “golden standard”

Designed specifically for hospitals to save on cost without compromising on quality, the Osteotec Silicone Finger Joint (OSF) is the flexible, dorsal hinged, intramedullary stemmed implant you need to know about.


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The implant is made from high-grade, tear-resistant elastomer and indicated for interpositional arthroplasty of rheumatoid and osteoarthritic MCP (Metacarpophalangeal) and PIP (proximal interphalangeal) joints. Having recently expanded to Europe as well as the UK, the OSF has so far been implanted in over 10,000 joints.

What’s more, in direct response to requests from hand surgeons, additional smaller rasps corresponding to sizes 00, 0 and 1 have been introduced. Where traditional products may use the starter awl instrument to prepare the canals for these rasp sizes, the OSF accurately reproduces the corresponding implant stem to ensure optimal fit for every surgery.

  • Proven dorsal load transferring hinge design
  • Eleven, evenly scaled sizes for comprehensive anatomical fit
  • Simple, precise instrumentation