Solution for External Fixation

The Osteo-x® external fixator is a device used for the fixation and distraction of small bones, primarily in the hand.

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The Osteo-x® incorporates four K-wires which are driven into the bone and placed to provide three-dimensional stability. The displacement between the blocks can be set prior to attachment and the distraction/compression adjusted by rotating the threaded shaft with the supplied tool. The simple nature of the device reduces operative time as it is supplied fully assembled and sterile packed.

  • Ball clamps can be positioned in a variety of ways to allow for optimal pin placement, easy frame adaptability, and access to the locking screws
  • Unique and patented dynamic flexion device to avoid finger joint stiffness
  • Ball clamps and round pin holders allow insertion of pins parallel or in a V
  • Radiolucent carbon fiber rod allows complete fracture visualization