RegJoint Spacer

Small joint spacer

RegJoint™ small joint spacer is a porous, bioabsorbable implant in a form of a disk. It is used in small joint arthroplasties in hands and feet for patients suffering from e.g. rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis.


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Advantages of the RegJoint

  • Signifcantly improved functionality in operated limbs
  • Signifcantly decreased pain in operated limbs
  • No weight or function restrictions after rehabilitation period
  • Excellent appearance of operated limbs
  • No risk of implant breakage due to bioabsorbable material
  • No need for implant removal due to bioabsorbable material
  • No signifcant osteolysis during implant resorption
  • Restoration of the structure and function maintained after implant resorption
  • Possibility to use intramedullar bone grafting to fill osteolytic cavities in revision arthroplasties
  • Over 10 years clinical experience

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