Bioresorbable Peripheral Nerve Capping Device

NEUROCAP® is a nerve capping device intended to protect a peripheral nerve end and to separate the nerve from surrounding environment to reduce the development of a symptomatic end-neuroma.


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Peripheral nerve dissection following trauma due to injury or surgery may result in symptomatic end-neuromas, a swelling at the end of the nerve which can cause significant pain. Neuroma-induced neuropathic pain and morbidity causes serious difficulties in the daily lives and socio-economic functioning of patients.

NEUROCAP® is a tubular device with one open end and one closed end. Dislocation of the nerve stump is prevented by suturing the nerve end into the cap. A hole at the sealed end of the tube allows easy fixation
of the nerve stump with a suture to the surrounding tissue. This allows an effective capping technique without the necessity of drilling a hole into bones, or sacrificing other tissue.

NEUROCAP® Properties

  • Synthetic material; co-polymer of lactide and caprolactone; these are well known biocompatible and safe polymers
  • Transparency of the device, facilitating optimal nerve stump positioning and easy detection of blood clots, preventing growth of nerve fibers
  • Degradation at a predictable rate, supporting encapsulation of the nerve stump
  • Controlled mechanical strength and flexibility for a period of 10 weeks, providing a mechanical barrier to minimize stimulation of the nerve stump during the critical period