Motec wrist

Wrist Joint Prosthesis

The Motec® Wrist Joint Prosthesis has been designed specifically for high demand patients, with the objective to provide a strong, stable, mobile and pain free wrist while minimizing the risk of luxation, loosening and osteolysis.



Fixation is achieved by threaded implants made of titanium alloy, blasted and coated with Bonit, which promotes osseointegration between titanium oxide and bone.

The articulation is modular with CoCrMo articulation on carbon fiber reinforced PEEK Motis™

Each component is available in different sizes, to allow firm seating and close replication of the patient’s normal range of motion.

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Motec Wrist Arthrodesis – Instruction for use

Motec Wrist Arthrodesis – Product brochure

Motec Wrist Arthrodesis – Surgical Technique Double Tapers

Motec Wrist Arthrodesis – Surgical Technique Nail + Connector

Motec Wrist Joint Prosthesis – Product brochure