Box Total Ankle Replacement

Solution for Antroplasty/Prothese

The BOX® (Bologna Oxford) Total Ankle Replacement is one of a new generation of three-component meniscal total ankle replacements.

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Its novel design is the result of original research into the movement and stability of healthy ankle joints and a detailed understanding of the role of the ligaments in controlling and limiting joint movement.

The unique three-component articulating geometry is designed to be compatible with the movement of isometric fibres replicating the original mechanism of sliding plus rolling motion at the replaced ankle, restoring natural mobility and stability.

The design guarantees full conformity at the articular surfaces throughout the flexion arc4,5, which leads to low wear and low peak pressures in the polyethylene meniscal bearing.

The surgical instruments have been refined through rigorous testing and validation to ensure accurate component placement, accurate ligament- balancing to restore range-of-motion and minimal bone removal, favouring osseointegration and limiting risk of component sinkage.

Clinical results show 97% survival at 3 years with 96.1% fully functional at 4 years5, 7, 8, improved patient-reported outcome measures which remain stable over 4 years5, 8 and restored function with improvements demonstrated in balance, level walking, propulsion and stair climbing.

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